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Who needs our services?

The simple is answer is anyone who owns, manages or maintains property overrun by nuisance Canada geese. Typical clients include:

  • homeowners
  • property managers
  • municipalities
  • farmers
  • facility managers
  • condo associations
  • school boards
  • business owners

Where are our services needed?

Anywhere Canada geese congregate and spoil the landscape.
Typical properties include:

  • parks
  • golf courses
  • schools
  • corporate parks
  • estates
  • lake communities
  • airports
  • private lawns
Being lifetime outdoor enthusiasts who truly understand wildlife as well as training and successfully competing with our dogs at the highest level makes for a combination that other companies just can’t claim.

Geese Harassment with canines is the most effective humane goose control method that can be employed. It is recognized by government agencies and animal rights groups as a humane and effective method of goose control. Hudson Valley Wild Goose Chasers will customize any program or package to fit your needs and budget, from full time maintenance to call by call visits depending on your situation.

 Click here to read more detailed information on geese harassment




Goose Dogs 

Want your own goose dog for your property?

Let Hudson Valley Wild Goose Chasers find a top notch goose dog for you. Give us a call for more information.


Your property may be goose friendly. Let us show you some ways to physically alter it to deter geese from congregating.


Click here to read more about Habit Modifications/Landscape Recommendations



Egg Addling

We provide egg addling of the nest and assistance with the permits required for this procedure.




 Member of the National Wildlife Control Operators Association


Certified Basic Wildlife Control Operator



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