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Why Border Collies?

HVWGC is the only goose control company to use a unique style of award winning Border Collies and field bred English Cockers, of which only 250 exist in the United States. These dogs are trained English style and compliment the border collies in the friendly removal of your nuisance Canada geese.
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Flo & Jim ... topnotch goose dogs




sis goose dog

Sis is an open level trial dog and has competed in the Nursery at the USBCHA National Sheep Herding Finals and is now a full time Goose Control Dog
Kim goose dog 
"Our Beloved Kim"
Only the good die young. Taken from us suddenly, she was a fine example of a working dog. A handlers dream. Every bone in her body was a kind one. A true treasure. She will be missed.
Kim was an open level trial dog who placed in the top 5 in her first trial and won the first nursery she was entered in.



Dusty is our newest youngster in training, coming to goose
work naturally, and is a pleasure to handle. A welcome addition
to our team!

afc ruchars maxi



In memory of AFC Ruchars Maximum Limit (Maxi)



A very successful weekend by "The Team" in Western NY in September 2009. Thank you Fred and Alex Bradley of Hawthorne Kennel



 Member of the National Wildlife Control Operators Association


Certified Basic Wildlife Control Operator



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